About us

We are a grape pathology lab at Virginia Tech. Our central vision is to assist grape producers in growing healthy crops through disease management.

Team members

Dr. Mizuho Nita

  • The use of a biological control agent for grapevine crown gall management,
  • Management options for ripe rot of grape,
  • Using companion dogs for spotted lanternfly egg and grape powdery mildew detection,
  • Epidemiological studies of grapevine leafroll-associated virus and its vectors,
  • Development of pesticide spray decision support tools for grape diseases (GrapeIPM.org),
  • Development of detection and risk assessment tool for grape downy mildew,
  • Trunk disease management,
  • Organic and alternative wine and table grape disease management tools,
  • Fungicide efficacy evaluations, etc…

He actively participates in extension programs designed for growers and Cooperative Extension agents in Virginia and other states and countries. You can find his blog, Twitter, and Facebook pages at http://ext.grapepathology.org, @grapepathology, and GrapePathVATech.

Kellee Walters

Kellee’s paragraph

Grace Lilly

I am studying crop and soil science at Virginia Tech, and I will be graduating in a few short months. I have been working at the Alson H Smith Agricultural Research and Extension Center for two years now. I assist with experiments, data collection, data analysis, and vineyard maintenance. I plan on continuing to contribute to research being conducted in the viticulture industry as a career.

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