Agriculturalists are moving towards applying more advanced technology in order to maximize crop production and workflow efficiency. Some technological advances that have been made are the development in artificial intelligence (AI), electronic devices, and sensors. These technologies are often applied to data collection such as crop count, plant disease assessment, drought monitoring, and soil analysis. Data is processed with software applications to generate 2D and 3D maps which will be analyzed to meet the goal(s) of the users. This information can be used to compare field data from year to year, making decisions, and planning for the future.

Many agriculturists have embraced the ideas behind precision agriculture by using Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs), to scout and monitor their fields and crops for environmental and biological factors. This new method of farm management aids in determining different factors that are affecting the health of a crop. The UAVs used in such surveys have been equipped with multispectral or hyperspectral sensors/cameras to record images. These sensors detect different spectral ranges, which are not visible to the naked eye, thus we are able to determine disease or plant stress much earlier than when it becomes apparent at the visible part of the light spectrum. Below is a list of popular sensors used by drone professionals in agriculture.

The use of these sensors will increase scouting efficiency for growers while also embracing precision agriculture. Choosing the sensor that is best for the type of data collection that growers would like to collect is essential for producing quality results. The use of different types of cameras will also assist in proper data collection for the betterment of production. 

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