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Triangular Greenness Index (TGI)

Triangular Greenness Index (TGI) is calcultated from the area of a triangle that is defined by 3 points for the reflectance pf wavelength (480nm, R480, 550nm, R550 and 670nm, R670, R= Reflectance of wavelength). The formula for TGI is: TGI = -0.5[190(R670 – R550) – 120(R670 – R480)] Article: U.S. Department of Agriculture: Agricultural ResearchService,

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Bird Management

There are drones that have been designed to mimic the flight behavior of predator birds to scare away pest birds that feed off the fruit from a grower’s crop. Further, many of these drones have a predator bird silhouette and emit sounds that add to the alarming menace of the drone. Currently, these drones must

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Agriculturalists are moving towards applying more advanced technology in order to maximize crop production and workflow efficiency. Some technological advances that have been made are the development in artificial intelligence (AI), electronic devices, and sensors. These technologies are often applied to data collection such as crop count, plant disease assessment, drought monitoring, and soil analysis.

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Drone Types

Prosumer drones are an excellent option to consider when finding a suitable drone for agricultural use. These drones are designed for serious recreational users and professional pilots and often come with a built-in camera or the ability to mount one. They are typically ready to use right out of the box without additional expenses or

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Indirect Measurement

Indirect measurement is typically used in science to ascertain the size of something that can’t actually be measured in a directly quantifiable way. Thus, it is necessary to estimate the desired target size by measurement of a known object or area and extrapolate the unknown value from the known values directly measured. Learn More (Last

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Drofika is an AI-powered fog computing platform that has pre-built, customizable application conditions. It is able to work with existing infrastructure as well. A fog computing platform allows for scalability for your computing projects and provides resource virtualization that lets you perform real-time and non real-time computing. Learn More (Last Edit 19 Feb 2023, Kellee)

Fog Computing

The term, fog computing, was originated by Cisco. It is used to indicate the edge of an enterprise’s network. Fog computing has also been labeled as Fogging or Edge Computing. The concept is intended to describe the computing nodes available between a host device and the cloud. Therefore, it is considered to be a decentralized

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