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Mapping and Analysis

Many of us seek methods to optimize crop production by gaining more information from the field. Various technologies are available for grower’s aid electronic devices, sensors, data management applications, and artificial intelligence (AI) technology, to name a few. These trends became more critical in the past decade or so and became a center of research

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Drofika is an AI-powered fog computing platform that has pre-built, customizable application conditions. It is able to work with existing infrastructure as well. A fog computing platform allows for scalability for your computing projects and provides resource virtualization that lets you perform real-time and non real-time computing. Learn More (Last Edit 19 Feb 2023, Kellee)

Autel ProRobotics SDK:  Autel EVO II Enterprise Pro

EVO II Enterprise Pro (6K) Photography, Mapping, 3D Modeling, and Inspections Sony IMX383 1” CMOS Image Sensor InfiRay 640×512 Thermal Core Pro version of the EVO II has a high resolution 1” sensor used for producing photographs and videos. The Dual 640T has the side-by-side design for the cameras. One is a high resolution 640

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Open Source Software Development

The concept of open source for software development, projects, source code, and the like pertains to the notion that it is available for public use, can be modified and freely shared. It embodies the community-based philosophy where open exchange of ideas and collaborative work is embraced for the sake of perfecting an idea, source code,

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Ardupilot is an open source software suite that can be used to autonomously control a variety of unmanned vehicles including aerial drones (multicopter and fixed-wing). Ardupilot evolved from the efforts of hobbyist looking to control their model aircraft and rovers to maturing into a full-fledged, self-governing autopilot that has been applied to many unmanned vehicle

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Sentera FieldAgent

This is Sentera’s software is to help you analyze your data and make decisions about your crop to optimize its quality and yield. It helps you to make determinations about your crop by providing information: Stand count, tassel count, crop health, tree locations, canopy coverage, yield estimation, accurate weed mapping, and meeting sustainability goals. You

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Sentera NDVI Upgrade for DJI Drones

With the Sentera NDVI Upgrade the camera is able to capture images with sensors capable of recording the reflected light off the images across the light spectrum: RGB, Mutispectral and Thermal. RGB cameras, RGB (visual color) is the most common type of data collected and the cameras that are typically standard on most commercial drones.

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Pix4D: Photogrammetry Application Suite For Mobile and Drone Mapping

Pix4D is a suite of applications used for photogrammetry and mapping/analyzing specific locations for a target area of interest on the earth’s surface. It is compatible with a variety of platforms.The suite’s application tools includes: a flight app, desktop, and cloud platforms. Pix4Dmapper and Pix4Dfields are the two applications particularly useful for precision agriculture purposes.

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