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Workflow – planning to analysis (Work in Progress)

Introduction Precision agriculture workflows involve operation of aerial drones, sensors/cameras, and software applications. The goal is to gain valuable insights into your crops. In recent times, the number of growers using drones to collect crop and field data has increased significantly. Agriculture-specific applications have been developed to meet this demand. Users can plan autonomous flight

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Mapping and Analysis

Many of us seek methods to optimize crop production by gaining more information from the field. Various technologies are available for grower’s aid electronic devices, sensors, data management applications, and artificial intelligence (AI) technology, to name a few. These trends became more critical in the past decade or so and became a center of research

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Agriculture Top Trends to Watch for in 2023

Major areas to look for focus in precision agriculture for 2023 include: Digital agriculture, robotics and automation, and sustainability practices. Robotics and Automation The areas to watch for robotics and automation to increase the efficiency for farm management are things like: pruning, thinning, harvesting, spraying, mowing, and weeding. Sensors, artificial intelligence (AI), and control systems

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PrecisionHawk Merger with Field Group

PrecisionHawk, founded in Raleigh, NC 2010, has merged with Field, a European geo-tech company. These two companies are combining their products and technology and by the end of the year PrecisionHawk will be functioning under the Field brand name. However, it’s US headquarters will continue to be located in Raleigh, NC. As of this writing,

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Parrot Drones

Generally, Parrot has stopped producing drones for the general public consumer anymore. When you pull up their website you see the ANAFI AI and the ANAFI USA drones being marketed. You also see that Parrot identifies their company mission with building professional drones that focus on the needs for industries in: Inspection, first responders, firefighters,

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DJI Drones Used for Precision Agriculture Solutions  

DJI has developed a variety of aerial drones that farmers can use for monitoring and managing the health and potential environmental stresses for their crops and fields. The Agras T-Series Drones (T-10, T-16, T-20, T-30, T-40)are agricultural drones used for spraying crops and fields. It can perform multiple missions for surveying, mapping, spraying, and spreading.

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Agisoft and Agisoft Cloud Applications

Agisoft Agisoft is a photogrammetric processing application for digital images captured during fight survey missions . It generates 3D geospatial data that is used in Geographic Information System (GIS) operations and indirect measurements of objects across a variety of scales. Agisoft Cloud This is an online platform that can be used for field inspection, interpreting

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Drofika is an AI-powered fog computing platform that has pre-built, customizable application conditions. It is able to work with existing infrastructure as well. A fog computing platform allows for scalability for your computing projects and provides resource virtualization that lets you perform real-time and non real-time computing. Learn More (Last Edit 19 Feb 2023, Kellee)

Fog Computing

The term, fog computing, was originated by Cisco. It is used to indicate the edge of an enterprise’s network. Fog computing has also been labeled as Fogging or Edge Computing. The concept is intended to describe the computing nodes available between a host device and the cloud. Therefore, it is considered to be a decentralized

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