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Drones for Spraying Pesticides—Opportunities and Challenges: Ohio State Extension Publication

Drones for Spraying Pesticides—Opportunities and Challenges Ohio State University: College of Food, Agriculture, and Environmental Sciences Extension presents an overview describing how drones were initially used in agriculture up to the most current application, aerial spraying for pesticides and fertilization. The publication addresses advantages and limitations for using drones over more traditional methods, for example,

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DJI Drones Used for Precision Agriculture Solutions  

DJI has developed a variety of aerial drones that farmers can use for monitoring and managing the health and potential environmental stresses for their crops and fields. The Agras T-Series Drones (T-10, T-16, T-20, T-30, T-40)are agricultural drones used for spraying crops and fields. It can perform multiple missions for surveying, mapping, spraying, and spreading.

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