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Agriculturalists are moving towards applying more advanced technology in order to maximize crop production and workflow efficiency. Some technological advances that have been made are the development in artificial intelligence (AI), electronic devices, and sensors. These technologies are often applied to data collection such as crop count, plant disease assessment, drought monitoring, and soil analysis.

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The Parrot ANAFI USA drone has a double optical 4K EO camera. It has zoom in capabilities from wide angle to telephoto (32X).  It can detect thermal data with high precision (within centimeters) from an altitude as high as 131ft. It is equipped with a FLIR Boson 320. The thermal camera has two thermal color

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FLIR Duo R Camera

The “R” in the names of  Teledyne’s FLIR sensors series refers to radiometric. This Designation indicates the cameras for these sensors have the highest sensitivity for image temperatures and detail within their product line. It allows for the smallest of temperature differences to be recorded within the images. Learn More

FLIR ( Forward Looking Infrared)Thermal Cameras

FLIR cameras are a thermographic camera so they can detect and record images in the infrared radiation (IR) wavelength of the light spectrum. Infrared radiation wavelengths are part of the nonvisible range along the spectrum 3-12 µm. An advantage of the FLIR Thermal Camera is that it collects data that contains the heat differentiation of

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Teledyne FLIR Vue TZ20-R Sensor

The Teledyne FLIR Vue TZ20-R sensor uses radiometric techniques to measure and record the images’ thermal-zones so that we can view the thermal details of the crops and field in order to determine its health status and take action on problem areas that are detected. The sensor has two Boson® thermal cameras that have a

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