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What Is the FAA Required Part 107 Test?

It is a test to assess an individual’s knowledge for the Federal Aviation Administration’s (FAA) Part 107 section that states that anyone wanting to conduct drone operation on a commercial level must obtain a drone pilot license (formally, remote pilot certificate with a small UAS rating). There are some eligibilty requirements one must meet in

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Why You Should Take The Part 107 Test and Get a Remote Pilot License?

Passing the Part 107 Knowledge Test is required by the FAA in order to legally operate a drone for conducting flight missions and collecting aerial images that are used for analyzing your crops and fields. Since Part 107 regulations were enacted into law, it has become illegal to fly a drone commercially without getting a

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The Drone Girl’s Best Part-107 Online Test-Prep 2023 List

You must pass the Federal Aviation Administration’s Aeronautical Knowledge Test, Part-107 Small UAS Rule test, to legally operate a drone commercially. A drone pilot’s license is needed for any type of drone flying that is not for recreational purposes. Here is a list of online courses that will prepare you for taking the Part-107 test

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