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Yuneec H520E Commercial Hexacopter

Yuneec H520E RTK Commercial Hexacopter Yuneec made these drones available to the public November 2020. They made these drones to target the needs for the inspection industry. The six rotor design enhances the stability and precision of drone flight. Its long focal-length camera lens gives you the ability to gather data further away from target

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FreeFly Drones

FreeFly Astro Industrial Drones FreeFly’s newest commercial drones. It has RTK and a 61 megapixel Sony Camera FreeFly Astro drones are powered by Skynode and FreeFly’s mission control suite, Auterion. Skynode has: LTE connectivity and a built-in linux computer. It connects to the Auterion software suite that lets you conduct mission planning and fly the

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Parrot Bluegrass Fields Agricultural Quadcopter

It has two embedded cameras. In the front, you have a Full HD video camera and a RGB and multispectral sensor, Parrot Sequoia (See image of sensor below). There is also a sunshine sensor that collects and stores the current environmental light details for the surveyed area. It uses a cloud platform for processing data,

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