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Federal Aviation Administration, (FAA): Unmanned Aircraft Systems, (UAS)

Before you begin flying your drone, determine what type of drone flyer you are: Recreation Flyer and Modeler, Community-Based Organization, Certificated Remote Pilot or Commercial Operator, Public Safety or Government User, Educational User Determining the above will let you know what rules and regulations apply to you when you fly. Then you can search to

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Aloft’s New Tool to Connect FAA Airspace with Local Drone Rules

By: Ishveena Singh May 11, 2022 As of 11 May 2022, Aloft Technologies launched a new free tool, Aloft Geo Portal, a new geospatial platform that publishes airspace and ground-rule advisories to Aloft data network. This includes B4UFLY. Aloft believes this tool can close the gap between FAA airspace rules and local ground rules for

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Drone Laws and Regulations

Below are resources where you can look up drone regulations and other useful drone information. The information found on these sites covers both recreational and commercial drone flying. For A Safer Airspace Master List of Drone Laws: USA States & Country Federal Aviation Administration: Recreational Use Search for more information Here (Last Edit 13 March

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