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Autel Robotics: Dragonfish Series Drones

Dragonfish Series: Fixed Wing Drones: Autel Robotics has developed the Dragonfish Fixed Wing Series Drones. There are three versions in the series: Dragonfish Pro, Dragonfish Standard, and Dragonfish Lite. The flight times for each drone while carrying a payload are: 158 minutes, 126 minutes, and 81 minutes respectively. The Dragonfish Series is equipped with an

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SenseFly: An AgEagle Company

SenseFly eBee X The eBee X is a lightweight fixed wing drone. It provides accurate results (down to 1.5 cm/.06 in) using the built-in, on-demand RTK/PPK. As with other drones using RTK and PPK, it is not necessary to set ground control points (GCP) to achieve the desired precision in the mapping survey. The eBee

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